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The McNett Legacy

Located in Augusta County, Virginia, McNETT ANGUS BEEF is owned and operated by Austin and Nikita McNett. The McNetts raise crops that go directly into growing and finishing their black Angus cattle, used for McNETT ANGUS BEEF.

McNETT ANGUS BEEF got its start as the McNetts began to see the benefits of selling beef directly to the consumers. Each year they would finish a few head of cattle for people in the local community to purchase bulk freezer beef. However, the McNetts saw a growing consumer need for more options to buy directly from farmers. 

They recognized that some families do not want to buy entire sides of beef at one time, so they decided to offer local beef in a way where consumers can purchase exactly what they want. McNETT ANGUS BEEF has since grown to be a local beef source that provides retail options to consumers directly from the farm.

Today, the McNett name has probably become best known for producing the finest quality LOCAL beef available. A true 'farm to fork' operation. Austin and Nikita are proud to stand behind the brand that not only feeds their growing family, but can feed yours too!